Residence - Rome, San Pietro

The project has concerned the full renovation of this approx. 110sqm apartment, whose state was back to the Fifties. The living area was made of three connected spaces, a kitchen and a little adjacent bathroom. A unique open space has been created, the kitchen is open on the dining space but out of sight from the entrance. In the same area a little and functional studio has been gained.

The sleeping quarters, two bedrooms and a bathroom, maintained the bedrooms and added an extra bathroom. The choice of the materials such as the industrial parquet has given the possibility to have high quality elements at low price. In this way it has been possible to meet some customers’ wishes: full height doors (2,50m doors), high sound isolation, several lightning configurations.

Information on the Project

Preliminary, detailed and final design and Work Management.

Date: 2012
Project Cost: 50.001 – 100.000 €
Location: Italy

House plan


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