Residence - Rome, Garbatella

The project concerns the full renovation of this approx. 130sqm apartment.

The new arrangement reflects the previous, with few variations: a study in the place of the kitchen, the repositioning of the kitchen, the creation of a second bathroom with hidden laundry space. Two main elements characterising the Project:

  • The entry corridor, which, as a telescope, narrows and then opens on the living area; the effects is emphasized by the black painting of the tightest space.
  • The big walk-in closet, which, replacing the restricted corridor, allows the space maximization.


Information on the Project

Preliminary, detailed and final design and Work Management.
> Published Project:
> Published Project:
Date: 2017
Project cost: 50.001 – 100.000 €
Location: Italy
Other people involved in the Project: Glamora

House plan