Peekaboo, Fendi e Zaha Hadid.

One of my favorite it-bag and the most popular female archistar gathered by Fendi for a charity event.
What else? (cit.!)

Peekaboo has become a style icon for all passionate. And it is also for those who, like me, beware a lot to comfort and a little less to aesthetics.
It is unquestionably a nice bag, characterized by perfect Italian craftsmanship and design that make it unique.
Currently realized in three different sizes, its peculiarity is that it can be left open, revealing an internal precious as the exterior.

Gosh… how beautiful

In occasion of the recent opening of a new flagship store in London, Fendi has decided to bring together the usual celebrities and socialites in a charity project that has seen them designing a Peekaboo for an  auction. Each of these Peekaboo will be made in two copies: one will stay with the VIP, and the other will be awarded to the highest bidder.
In this group of iconic women, there is an outsider: Zaha Hadid.
Iconic herself, never mind. But perhaps more dedicated to build than to appear

Her bag is made with layers of stacked black leather. These layers wrap around the base of the bag, folding up to cover the sides, almost like the pages of a book. The inside is lined with petrol-coloured leather.
Here it is


Yes… Lovely…
now the question is: Who would spend at least £ 18,000 (today’s value of the auction) to buy a bag that does not look like it the original model??
And I do not want to sound disrespectful!

Credits: Dezeen and Fendi websites.

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