Bisazza & Emilio Pucci

 Bisazza and Emilio Pucci… there is still someone who does not know them?
And above all, what do these two names do next to each other?

But let’s start from the beginning…

Bisazza is a well-known venetian company producing mosaics, perhaps the most beautiful mosaics worldwide. Brand attentive to design and contemporary architecture, managed in recent years to enter between the names of the excellence of Italian companies.

Emilio Pucci… come on, I can not believe that there is someone who does not know him! For me, seeing one of his dresses instantly means to travel in time and go back to the 50s, the years when he opened his first boutique in Capri, full of colorful prints on flowing and lightweight dresses. A dream come true! Today, the company is followed by Laudomia, Emilio’s daughter, who has committed the design to the norwegian Peter Dundas, enamored connoisseur of Pucci style.

Were saying … what do these two names do next to each other?
The simplest answer would then be the same: Milano Design Week 2014!
It was in fact right there that Bisazza presented his latest collection of mosaics inspired by the prints of Emilio Pucci: actual explosions of colors, created to dress the more trendy interiors.
The collection includes three series created digitally – Alba, Amelie, Onde – defined by geometric patterns and bright colors, and three precious decorative mosaic panels made entirely by hand – Collane, Fontana, Vivara, as the three historic prints of the maison.

A triumph for fashion, art and design, that are found fused together to celebrate the beauty and power of colors, along with artistic finesse and the caliber of these two Italian brands.

blend, fusion, contamination

Credits: Bisazza and Emilio Pucci website

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