Nothing else than the first one.

That is the sentence that greets us at the opening of the site MY.PROTOTYPE, the first online platform that allows you to discover unique prototypes made from the most innovative designers and architects of our time. Many of them Italians.
MY.PROTOTYPE is first and foremost an archive. There are few products on sale.
This website is intended only to highlight the craftsmanship toghether with the most advanced techniques of design and implementation.

And they too will be at the next Milan Design Week 2014, in an exhibition that will be held at the Sala delle Colonne della Fabbrica del Vapore. An exhibition that aims to tell the modus operandi of designers, both in relation to artisans and modelers and with Life and its events.

I find that the prototype has a charm all its own.
I see it as the first true representation of the Idea, as an object with which you create a close bond almost as much as that of the parent-child relationship.
After all, any architectural work is a prototype , due to its uniqueness. And any object in production originated from a prototype.
And all this is so exciting … I’ll see you there!



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