Agorà by Tubes

Radiators! And what radiators!
Do you know those ugly aluminum radiators that we find on the walls of many of our homes? Forget about them!
Today we talk about real objects of design designed to heat, but also to delight our view of fans of the beautiful.

The Agorà radiators were designed in 2012 by Nicola de Ponti for Tubes, a Veneto-based company known for its research in the production of radiators designed first as architectural elements and then as parts of a heating system.
The Elements collection, which also belongs the Agorà series, is a ‘think tank’ where the radiators are considered real aesthetic elements. With one more quality: valves, thanks to a patented recessed assembly, can also be placed up to 6 meters away, freeing the radiators from every technological tool. In short, almost works of art!

Tubes, Agorà

The distinctive features of the radiator Agorà are the three-dimensional modularity and plasticity of shape. This highlights a very careful approach to innovation. It is also a clear citation of the classic radiator of our memory.
Agorà is made of recyclable aluminum and is designed with standard pitches, so it can be used in refurbishments. And then, 190 different sizes, 110 colors, 8 different finishes.

Now, what is the passage in which it is clearly understood that I like a lot these radiators?

Credits: Tubes e Architonic websites.

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