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Architecture&Fashion: and I, how I dress?

There is a consolidated popular belief that wants the Architect dressed in black.
Man, woman, young, old, stated or unknown: it is almost a uniform.
Look at these strangers

These strangers are Zaha Hadid on the left, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas on the right. All dressed in black.
Their architectures are extremely imaginative, with free lines, fluid and original.

Yet, almost always wearing black clothes (the almost is due to Zaha Hadid that, sometimes, dares even some colors…).
So what? I’m not so star like these archistars. Do I have to wear total black too?

Gucci P:E 14_4

Frida Giannini‘s personal style, Gucci‘s Creative Director, could be mine. And, if I was absolutely forced to adopt the uniform of the Real.Architect, I might choose one of these outfits selected from the Gucci, Emporio Armani, Jill Sander and Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 collections.

But if I were free to follow my instinct, I would not choose the Black. Rather I would support my natural colorful although understated disposition.
Emporio Armani and Ralph Lauren with gorgeous black/white outfit, Giorgio Armani and Paul Smith with true colors: yes, that is what is said to be in my comfort zone!

But me, architect even with the A lower case A, do I have to follow the dictates of the great, or I can dare and follow my personal style?
You know … A few years ago I worked for a studio in Milan and I was accused of not knowing how to dress. I wore blue ballerina with white tip. It was Spring and I was wearing jeans and a blue shirt. And, suddenly, I was not even a good architect. Traumatized by then…
And then I wonder, and I ask you: Are we still in the era where you can judge a book by its cover?

Fuksas family:
Zaha Hadid: e

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