Baxter e Moncler

Images Credits: Baxter & Moncler.

| Sofas that look like down jackets, down jackets that look like sofas.
But I do not want neither Baxter nor Moncler to bear me a grudge for this apparently risky comparison, because, in fact, my intention is to juxtapose two excellences within their own areas.
This approach springs up spontaneously and is derived from the feeling of warmth and welcome that the products of these brands arouse in me .

Baxter, Chester

The Baxter sofas has always been my dream. Passing over the ethical issues resulting from the use of the leather lining, but still beautiful leather, I can not but be amazed every time I am in front of the windows of the showroom in Rome (which, unfortunately, is very close to my house!). Huge and wrap-around sofas, perfect for snuggling up with a book and a blanket, perhaps in front of a fireplace, with the heady scent of the leather that evokes childhood and love memories.
And then the fabulous Moncler collections: year after year the designers surprise with the sophistication and originality of the outfits. From the time of the 80s down jackets, strictly Moncler, style and class have evolved until reaching elegant collections, extremely valuable and technologically advanced.
In both cases, luxury products that bring forth a timeless tradition of extreme refinement.

But let’s see them…

So what? What do you think?
…dealing with contaminations

Credits: Baxter and Moncler websites.

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