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Stella McCartney, Falabella



Credits: images from APA London, Stella McCartney , Dezeen.

| It all began a few days ago…
I published on Facebook the image of my request for Christmas: the famous Stella McCartney Falabella* bag. From there sprang a rich exchange of views with my friend Raffaella of Kitchen Tips, which led to the birth of my research for today’s post (Thanks Raffa!).

Stella McCartney, Falabella

I discovered that Stella McCartney too has her trusted architects, APA London. They are the ones who designed her Flagship Stores in (in strictly alphabetical order) Barcelona, Bejing, Brompton Cross, Copenhagen, Harrods, Milan, Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Rome, Selfridges, Roppongi Hills, Singapore, Shanghai, Stockholm, Tokyo. In addition, installations of Adidas by Stella McCartney and CARE by Stella McCartney.
In short, given the profound esteem for Stella, they must be great necessarily!

APA is an architectural practice established in 2001, based in Soho. As they write on their website, their goal from the beginning was to be independent, optimistic and free. We still are and this is also our future objective. We seek to provide buildings with a strong sense of purpose, meaning and emotion. Our challenge is to retain simplicity and freshness of purpose in each project we undertake.

Shops made for Stella McCartney have all the same characteristics.
The use of light helps to create a sense of openness. The lack of the sense of weight, due to the suspension of each piece of furniture, allows the space to dominate. Glass, mirrors, crystals are everywhere. Furnishings, clothes rails, external facades occur in almost all cities.
What characterizes all of the stores is also what characterizes the style of Stella McCartney. Her clothes are light, seemingly undemanding, wearable for anyone. They are clothes that leave out the personality of the wearer.
Even the children’s collection is extremely simple, but not trivial. Clothes are perfectly tailored to the needs of small individuals already independent although very young. [How am I doing, Simona?] And the sense of playfulness is never missing, both in her garments and in her stores.

Hard to select only one, but, in fact , most of all I was struck by the intervention of Las Vegas, for the close collaboration between the designer and the architects.
The store is located inside The Crystals City Center, between two inclined 30 storey crystal towers. Again, the external facade is covered with rhombus ceramic tiles.
At the center of the space there is a crystal horse whose name, Lucky Spot, is the name of Linda’s horse, the mother of Stella: under a 14 foot ceiling space, the crystals are suspended mid air to describe in light the form of a famous equestrian painting. Art, joy and play are blended with the latest collections of the designer .
The floor is made with a herringbone design, with colors ranging from cream to red, accompanying clients to the inside. There are lounges with classic English furniture and brass clothes rail, as there are plenty of red, turquoise, gray and wood in the area of the dressing rooms.

I mean, what do you think? Architecture and Fashion… is or is not a perfect match?

* I thank publicly my friends Roberta and Francesca to have demolished my consideration of Falabella bag!

Credits: Images are taken from APA LondonStella McCartney e Dezeen.

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