Paola Lenti and her rugs

 Rugs…. uh, what a bad object!
They make me immediately think of the dust that lurks.
And to those precious yet horrible (for me!) Persian rugs that lived in the houses of both my grandmothers.
And that are still on the floor of my parents’ house! [Luckily there is a nice labrador that is arranging to fix them properly!]

So, I do not like carpets.
But, as in every rule there is an exception, even for my statement there is an exception.
Her name is Paola Lenti. She founded his company in 1994, and over the years has managed to affirm in the global market.
It produces beautiful furnishings for interiors and exteriors. And then rugs, many rugs, many beautiful rugs.
So beautiful to desire them all, one by one. Because each of them has its own identity, its originality. So as to appear unique.

There are four different collections (Felt, Area, Natural and High Tech) and I have done my personal selection.
Think of it as a short letter to Santa Claus!

Let’s start from the collection Felt: rugs assembled and finished by hand, the components of which are stitched together with threads, never glued. The tailor-like production and the variety of colors, sizes, patterns in the collection allow you to personalize each rug.

PaolaLenti, UNITO

This is Unito. Beautiful in its simplicity, is available in either a single or a double layer of felt. The only decoration is the the Punto Cavallo border stitching.

Fashion is in the same collection.

PaolaLenti, FASHION

Colorful! The felt strips are sewn together with Punto Cordonetto embroidery, and the border features Punto Pettine.
I did not know there were all these ways to sew!

For the collection Area I chose what is perhaps my favorite: Crown.
The rugs in this series are the result of a intricate and highly precise hand-made process. The wool used comes from New Zealand, and some products may alternatively use Royal silk yarns. Imagine that the designs are made by the craftsman through cutting and shaping with shears.

PaolaLenti, CROWN

Crown is a hand tufted rug, a kind of modern technique for the realization of hand-made carpets. This rug can be produced in wool or with wool background and silk design. I love it!

Turning to the Natural collection, there’s Spin. Another ex.tra.ordi.nary carpet!
Rugs in this collection are produced with different materials, which are kneaded to form cords, braids, knitted tubular fabrics. They are all resistant to light and long lasting, and are unique for their aesthetics and functionality.

PaolaLenti, SPIN

Spin is hand-made with a round wool cord available in solid colours. The cord is winded up and stitched by hand to create the elements, which, sewn together, produce the pattern of the carpet. And it is even suitable for high traffic areas.

In the same collection, there is also Shang.

PaolaLenti, SHANG

It is produced by hand with a round wool cord. The hand working and the decorations are so precious that it is not recommended for high traffic areas. Beautiful him too!

Finally, the collection High Tech. Rugs are made with exclusive yarns that make it possible to use in outdoor areas.
Look at Giardino

PaolaLenti, GIARDINO

A real garden, isn’t it? The embroidery is executed with a flat braid on a support net.

I guess at this point it is clear why I am willing to overcome my prejudices just to have a Paola Lenti rug.
And doesn’t matter of dust!

Credits: all images are taken from Paola Lenti web site.

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