The italian design: Vespa 946 by Piaggio. Ep. 2


Subtitle: Vespa 946 and the housewife.

I promised that the architect would have left the floor to the housewife, and here we are .
I wear the apron on duty and illustrate the opinions of the housewife – mother – handywoman about Vespa 946.

There is an italian common saying that fits perfectly with my overall opinion : It is beautiful but does not dance.
That is, it is so beautiful that you expect great things, and instead, using it, you realize that it has limits. Quite a lot.

Vespa 946, Piaggio

However, you need a premise : I live in Rome and I used the baby around the Roman roads.
Rome is not exactly a quiet town, the theft of mopeds are on the agenda, as well as the more different acts of vandalism.
And how can I leave quietly parking on the street a small object from 9.000 €?
Yessss …. ni-ne-tho-us-ands little euros. As a family car.

The expensive little toy above does not have any space for cramming various equipment, such as an anti-theft chain.
And how can I tie the little Vespa? What do I do, I bring the shoulder chain along with my shoulder bag?
Yeah, because I can not even put the bag somewhere … There is a hook under the rear seat , but is usable just right if you have a Fendi Baguette (the cost of which is, in fact , live up to the Vespa), because, but if you could afford only a Stella McCartney Falabella , you must keep on.
And the helmet? Well, you keep him in the head while driving, but when parking, you take it back! Lay the chain to engage the baby in some way (there is a side hook because the wheels do not have enough space), and you stick the helmet. In fact, it was allowed a very chic bag of hand-stitched leather, to be applied with the snaps (yes, the buttons!) to the rear rack, to hold the helmet. But we are in Rome … after a quarter of an hour, you will find a Thank You instead of the moped, bag and helmet included!
Then, don’t think to take the rain with your Vespa! Unless you’re not able to enter the rainproof clothing needed in the Baguette above…
Ah … no grocery shopping with the Vespa! Imagine the scene: you are mounted, with the shoulder bag on the one hand, the chain on the other shoulder, and the bag with a pound of ham and two little baguettes between the legs (trouble to get too hungry!). And you pay for it ni-ne-tho-us-ands little euros!
To all this gruesome scene, you must also add the windshield. That’s if you can afford (economically, I mean) to mount it, he stays up about four inches, maybe five. So, bag and chain shoulder strap, small shopping between the legs, soaked for lack of raincoat or similar, and, in addition, midges, horseflies, swallows and acid rain… all smashed on the helmet visor. And you pay for it ni-ne-tho-us-ands little euros!
And finally, the passenger. Anyone, even a graceful girl as tall as Kylie Minogue (157 centimeters, exactly like me!), will break the anterior cruciate ligament due to the footrest, beautiful but out of reach except with a twist toward the inside of the lower end of both legs. All the while, the unlucky passenger will slide inexorably towards the driver due to the excessive curvature of the seat of which I already spoke to you.

Oh … but I swear it’s beautiful!

Seriously. After this week together with Vespa 946, I got my idea.
I think it is for a very elite audience, who can afford to use it for fun, but not out of necessity .
I know that many have been sold in the Italian province, far fewer in Rome. And I can believe it.
I’m sorry, here is what the architect says, the designers (or the marketing department…) have designed an object impractical even if beautiful. Once again, they make you believe that the concepts of aesthetics and usability can not travel together.
A myth such as Vespa was not supposed to run into such a slip!

In summary, I think it should be perfect if positioned in the center of the living room of a New York loft!

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