The italian design: Vespa 946 by Piaggio. Episodio 1.

Subtitle: Vespa 946 and the architect.

A production of only three thousand six hundred copies worldwide.
A production lasted one year, and that is about to end.
She is Vespa 946, the most exclusive, valuable and technologically advanced Vespa that Piaggio has ever produced.
A real pride for the Italian design!Vespa 946, Fontana Paola, Roma

Vespa 946 e la Fontana Paola

It’s real honor for me having been able to drive for a week.
We have circulated around the center of Rome, thinking of the Dolce Vita and the film Roman Holiday.
One song in my mind (…ma com’è bello andare in giro…), the wind on your face and many curious glances.
I did turn heads as it never had happened to me over many years of blonde.blueeyes, and I watched with pleasure as crowds of people surrounding her admired.
I left it a couple of days ago, and, yes, I miss it!

There is nothing else to say except that it is beautiful.
Its line and its details nearly perfect, so much to make go out of your head an architect like me.
Its name, 946, is a reference to Vespa presented in 1946 as a light motorised runabout. And also the design refers precisely to that Vespa.
The profile, futuristic but at the same time old-fashioned, makes it original and different from any scooter in its class.
Sure, maybe I am not objective, being in love with every kind of Vespa, but, to me, those chrome bolts, those leather handle grips … I told you, I went out of my head!
The only esthetic defect that I can give it is the profile of the saddle, too curved upward for my taste. But the charm is precisely due to small defects, isn’t it?

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